"Welcome to Redefining Public Transport"

Mohamed Mezghani, UITP Secretary General

"The way in which we travel is changing, and we're showing the world this

in a way that's never been done before."

Mohamed Mezghani
UITP Secretary General

Public transport is being redefined - and this is an exciting time.

To have the opportunity to work alongside our international membership on a unique project such as this, was an opportunity too good for us to miss.

When UITP decided to make a series of mini-documentaries on our sector, produced by BBC StoryWorks, we felt that it was important to show what public transport brings to our cities, and how people's lives are benefited by its very existence.

Our cities become more accessible when we restrict private cars. Using public transport contributes to the quality of life in our cities – it makes them more prosperous by providing better access to jobs, education and culture.

Working alongside our members, our ambition was to bring to life a vision for the sector through beautifully-crafted films, featuring worldwide public transport innovators and leaders.

This series of documentaries will show how vitally important it is to set aside any misconceptions or outdated images about public transport that may exist. It's important people see what our sector has to offer: as public transport is for all people.

UITP's documentary features my own personal journey across modes, cities and countries, with a few extra stops in between!

It shows how easy and enjoyable travelling from door-to-door can be...and it's a journey I always enjoy making.

So let's begin with my own journey...

"These beautifully made documentaries do this and more.
Public transport is being redefined right now...
I encourage everyone to find out how and wh